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Is social media making us less…social?How technology is killing communication.


I feel like the whole world is chatting on WhatsApp,Messenger,Viber etc.instead of talking.Taking photos of their life etc.and posting them on Instagram,Tumblr,Pinterest etc.,instead of talking.Posting their life on Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Blogs etc. instead of talking.

Social media makes communication easier and more accessible,yet at the same time,not meaningful.When was the last time you called your friend to TALK(and listen)?Or better yet,met in real life?It happens less often than in the past and not only because some are out of school and have steady jobs and less time.People before technology and phones used to pop in uninvited,unexpectedly and no one was annoyed.With these social networks,we’re not really together with others(physically),but not alone in a healthy,relaxed way as well(vibrations,ringing or the screen light up can’t let us focus easily on just BEING).Now it seems we’re more accessible online,yet more distant live.We’re active on Facebook,yet passive in reality when sitting in front of the screen.We have lots of friends on Facebook,but we feel lonelier than ever.The quantity and quality of face-to-face communication has gone down,and the quality of online communication,yet flattened it completely.Body language plays a key role in interpersonal communication.There is no space for that through chatting.We can’t understand the real message of “I’m fine” or “That’s great” if we don’t see and especially hear the person.We hide most of the message behind written words,so we are misunderstood.However,it seems,that this form of communication is becoming the leading one.

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Give thanks everyday not just today


Thanksgiving is a good time to remind ourselves what we’re grateful for.But this could be done daily.The benefits of remembering what we’re thankful for are endless.From the physical-stronger immune system and lower blood pressure through emotional-higher levels of positive emotions,to social-we become more generous and compassionate.Hardly anyone thinks of the basic things that they should be grateful for.We take a lot for granted.This ritual could help us become more aware of our situation in life and of others.Everyday you can tell yourself or better yet,write down in your journal what you appreciate.I think people burdened by depression would get out of it(of course,not advanced depression),thinking about what they have and not what they’re missing.In my opinion people are most important.If I didn’t have them,maybe this method wouldn’t be so effective,as I am not materialistic.However,a calling,hobby,talent is also a great treasure.In the end though all hobbies,life experiences,trips would not make sense if not for the people who I can share it all with.Personally,this is the reason I like to travel to the poorer countries of the world.People there know,they have family,friends,loved ones who make their life worth living.They appreciate people in their lives and the time they spend with them,not status,things,possessions.So think of the people who make your life worthwhile and thank them,maybe not just today!Plus,here is an interesting article about gratitude.