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Dear Media, please stop giving power to people like Korwin-Mikke and such


It’s sad that this is still true in our greatly civilised and non-third world countries, that women do earn less. That’s not the main point of this post though.

I  would like to ask the media outlets to ignore people who add no true value to the world. That would probably lead to empty daily newspapers and silence on TV news stations, which would be a financial tragedy. Yet it’s the media that chooses who we focus on. Why focus on someone who is a sexist nationalist like Janusz Korwin-Mikke? The fact that he is a member of the European Parliament allowed him to make his sexist speech and be heard by the world.

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The irrationalities of society

I have a theory,that there are two kinds of logic:  social logic(what society makes us think)and real logic(what is obvious,but because we sometimes let society think for us,we don’t use it at times).I will show the difference between these ways of thinking through some aspects of life(I won’t use the terms social logic and real logic in the examples,because I think they’re quite easy to differentiate):


Real love is rare.Let’s not pair up just for safety,fear of loneliness etc.Let’s face it,not many will encounter a deep soul connection.If you don’t,it’s ok to be single until you do,even if you never do.Let’s learn to not settle for less.There is a line between accepting your partner and settling for less.If you’re not happy with someone,with how they treat you,if you experience mostly negative feelings,anxiety etc don’t settle.Even if someone wants to change or promises to,they won’t.We are as we are,at some point,we can only make small changes in behavior,attitude,outlook,life philosophy and lifestyle etc.It’s worth waiting for such a love that will feel so right,you would never think of leaving or risk losing them,for whom you would give the world to and from whom you would receive it,someone you can’t imagine living without or not sharing this hell on Earth with:)Maybe that will happen never,but I think it’s worth not wasting your time on the mediocre,Mr/Mrs Right Nows,temporary people etc.If everyone focused on pairing up more meaningfully,there would be more value in relationships.People would put more effort in developing themselves as human beings,developing intellectually as well as emotionally.
Not everyone wants children or is parent material.For many people,having children should be forbidden.Women have a physical instinct,but some should shush it,and find some other things they can put their energy into.If the wrong people have children,society suffers,either because of the children’s mental,physical or emotional disabilities.So it’s alogical that society wants everybody to have them although the more children the more people to make money.Thanks to modern technology,we could avoid the mental and physical disabilities,but we don’t.The emotional problems could be avoided or solved,by teaching parents or future parents,how to deal with and raise children.That also doesn’t happen(at least not thanks to the government).It’s not like people are born with knowledge how to be a good parent.It takes hard-work and talent to raise children well.I’m not saying that a school for parents will do the job(there are so many other factors),but it would be some kind of support for them,so they can feel less afraid and helpless or even depressed.There isn’t only a positive side to parenthood.Instead,society forces an idea,that it’s the most beautiful thing that can happen to a person.Work

I mentioned in my previous post,that work takes up so much precious time and we don’t get a lot in return.Most people dislike getting up early in the morning,but that isn’t taken under consideration when the basic work hours are from 8am or 9am.Work lasting 8 hours per day is also surreal.Everybody complains but they don’t do anything about it and continue to do it obediently.The truth is people don’t concentrate on work the whole 8 hours,so we could work shorter and be more effective.The work doesn’t finish in the 8th hour(some work longer)because you have to commute.You could say “Ok,but if I work shorter hours,I won’t be able to do my shopping etc,everything will closed earlier”.There could be shifts and that would be even better,all companies could be open much longer(maybe even 24-7 if needed).The next irrational situation is,that even if you are a millionaire or a director of a company,you sometimes have to work even longer than the average worker,so when do they have time for themselves,others or to spend their money(isn’t that the reason they want the money-to be free?).Even if you start your own business,at the beginning it takes up all your time and later it may not change,because you’re afraid to leave your company with no supervision.There’s no easy alternative to this way of life.I would start a change with cutting down the hours of the workday.This could be easier to swallow for the economy than for example the basic income idea.


Schools up to Secondary School should change their method of teaching.Instead of having so much boooring,useless theory,they should put the most important and useful information into practice.The same with Universities.If you aren’t a student or haven’t finished any University,people suppose you aren’t intelligent,ambitious or hard-working.The truth is,that nowadays any vulgar,dull thug  can get a diploma from some University,they just need to have a lot of money.Does that make sense?And still you graduate and have no skills,because you’ve just spent 5 years studying(if so) theory for exams and deleted the information from your memory afterwards.


We go to war for it.We fight for the less fortunate countries to have it as well.Yet do we really have freedom in”civilized” countries?Can we live in whatever way we want to?Are we not being controlled?Do we not have to identify ourselves somehow,even to move around this planet?Is money really the only way to feel free?Based on what logic is the “freedom” issued?Is it logical that we can drink alcohol but not smoke a joint?Is it logical to get a fine for littering on a pavement,that stops nature from expanding?Are we really happy and comfortable to not rebel?If all of us stopped being pragmatic conformists,then something could be done.I believe this will happen some day.

Ok,these are just some aspects and situations,which are pointless,but we believe in these “verities” as if they were our own.We have to trust our intuition and not be afraid to state our opinions,even if others disagree or think of them as crazy.I know, I may appear to be an idealist,but in this situation,you need other people to put this into practice.A good way to do it would be starting temporary societies-where no one would have children.I’m not sure what would happen,but it could be an interesting experiment.Of course,it wouldn’t be big groups(people need to have children in order for the homo sapiens to not be extinct).The small size would make it less anonymous,so there would be better conditions for good things to happen.It’s just an idea,although I would be up for taking part in this!:)


Is social media making us less…social?How technology is killing communication.


I feel like the whole world is chatting on WhatsApp,Messenger,Viber etc.instead of talking.Taking photos of their life etc.and posting them on Instagram,Tumblr,Pinterest etc.,instead of talking.Posting their life on Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Blogs etc. instead of talking.

Social media makes communication easier and more accessible,yet at the same time,not meaningful.When was the last time you called your friend to TALK(and listen)?Or better yet,met in real life?It happens less often than in the past and not only because some are out of school and have steady jobs and less time.People before technology and phones used to pop in uninvited,unexpectedly and no one was annoyed.With these social networks,we’re not really together with others(physically),but not alone in a healthy,relaxed way as well(vibrations,ringing or the screen light up can’t let us focus easily on just BEING).Now it seems we’re more accessible online,yet more distant live.We’re active on Facebook,yet passive in reality when sitting in front of the screen.We have lots of friends on Facebook,but we feel lonelier than ever.The quantity and quality of face-to-face communication has gone down,and the quality of online communication,yet flattened it completely.Body language plays a key role in interpersonal communication.There is no space for that through chatting.We can’t understand the real message of “I’m fine” or “That’s great” if we don’t see and especially hear the person.We hide most of the message behind written words,so we are misunderstood.However,it seems,that this form of communication is becoming the leading one.

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Where has it all gone?


Where have all the past values gone?Does anyone else wonder about this as well?Where has the intelligence,curiosity,mindfulness,values and emotions(I could go on and on)gone?Oh yes,everybody goes to college,university these days.I have studied many faculties at many universities,however there isn’t much intellectual activity or curiosity going on there.Mainly a rat race with the goal of finishing whatever to get a (good,better,the best)job.If universities didn’t give diplomas at the finish point,I guarantee more than half of the students would vanish.

What about the values nowadays?What’s important to people?Their Nikes,smartphones,Facebook profiles,credit cards,etc.Materialistic and shallow tools of corporate manipulation and products of the consumerist era,all shoved in the minds by successful advertising agencies which persuade the superficial society.Successful these days are the ones with the most expensive cars,biggest houses,collections of gadgets and the highest positions at work.

But I have some questions for you.Do you enjoy working minimum 40 hours per week(plus the commute so for some 50h)?Do you feel you have enough time for yourselves?Do you feel you have enough energy and time for your loved ones?Do you dream of quitting your job.Are you truly happy most of the time?Do you feel you are doing something valuable with your time on Earth?Do you like to wake up early 5 times per week?Are the 8 free days per month enough for you?Do you feel you are paid enough for the time you sacrifice at work?Do you have to time for self-reflection on who you are and what you think,feel,love to do,represent?

How are you so sure you have so much time on this planet to be wasting it on not valuable,superficial,meaningless activity?There is so much we have to explore.So many books to read,knowledge to get,places to travel to,cultures to learn about,hobbies to have,activities to learn etc.Plus,most important,we need time for ourselves to develop our consciousness,mind,behavior,health and emotions.Are there many entertainments in this kind of world that allow us to do that?What do you do with your free time?What do you do everyday to develop yourself,not as a worker,but as a human being?

For computers to not take over,and for us not to turn into ones,it’s vital to maintain humanity.To be aware of our inner selves and others around us.There’s no space for egoism and individual “success”.We form a whole and everyone matters.That’s why self-development is necessary.If we are taken care of,society is taken care of.For all these things,to be taken care of we need well organised time and encouragement to have more of it.If we use our time better,we may get back the values,intellectual level,emotions,curiosity etc that we once had.If we have time to think more,we might actually do it,and when we think more,we probably will be more active intellectually in life,not take part in shallow entertainments and foolish activity,because we will be more free and independent thinking.Everyone can find their own way of achieving this.Hopefully,it will become a priority for people now.Like I said,we don’t don’t know how much time on Earth we have.Would you still be living as you are,if you found out you had one or two years left to live?