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30 is the new 20


This ted talk once scared me.I looked back at my 20’s and realized I hadn’t worked on my adult ME in my 20’s at all.I didn’t focus on relationships,a career,finishing University(just starting and quitting),settling down,saving money for real estate etc.I did not claim my 20’s.I was focused on myself and on pleasures.I was a hedonist.

With all this,I still don’t think that my 20’s were a waste of time.I do feel ready to claim my adulthood now in my own way,or at least start.Maybe it’s my 30th birthday or my life experience,but I feel ready to focus on serious things now.Still not in a traditional way according to the rules of society,but in my way.I feel I’ve grown emotionally,spiritually as a woman and human being.I feel I am getting to know myself better now-my needs,values,identity,priorities etc.And actually I still don’t need that career,University degree,to settle down,have a house.

What did change, is my perspective on relationships.I don’t think they are the worst thing that could happen to you,anymore.However,as always,I am not going to settle for having whomever.I learned I can give a lot to someone,but I need that person to give as well.I will always give my all,but I will stop if I don’t get the same. Continue reading 30 is the new 20

Where has it all gone?


Where have all the past values gone?Does anyone else wonder about this as well?Where has the intelligence,curiosity,mindfulness,values and emotions(I could go on and on)gone?Oh yes,everybody goes to college,university these days.I have studied many faculties at many universities,however there isn’t much intellectual activity or curiosity going on there.Mainly a rat race with the goal of finishing whatever to get a (good,better,the best)job.If universities didn’t give diplomas at the finish point,I guarantee more than half of the students would vanish.

What about the values nowadays?What’s important to people?Their Nikes,smartphones,Facebook profiles,credit cards,etc.Materialistic and shallow tools of corporate manipulation and products of the consumerist era,all shoved in the minds by successful advertising agencies which persuade the superficial society.Successful these days are the ones with the most expensive cars,biggest houses,collections of gadgets and the highest positions at work.

But I have some questions for you.Do you enjoy working minimum 40 hours per week(plus the commute so for some 50h)?Do you feel you have enough time for yourselves?Do you feel you have enough energy and time for your loved ones?Do you dream of quitting your job.Are you truly happy most of the time?Do you feel you are doing something valuable with your time on Earth?Do you like to wake up early 5 times per week?Are the 8 free days per month enough for you?Do you feel you are paid enough for the time you sacrifice at work?Do you have to time for self-reflection on who you are and what you think,feel,love to do,represent?

How are you so sure you have so much time on this planet to be wasting it on not valuable,superficial,meaningless activity?There is so much we have to explore.So many books to read,knowledge to get,places to travel to,cultures to learn about,hobbies to have,activities to learn etc.Plus,most important,we need time for ourselves to develop our consciousness,mind,behavior,health and emotions.Are there many entertainments in this kind of world that allow us to do that?What do you do with your free time?What do you do everyday to develop yourself,not as a worker,but as a human being?

For computers to not take over,and for us not to turn into ones,it’s vital to maintain humanity.To be aware of our inner selves and others around us.There’s no space for egoism and individual “success”.We form a whole and everyone matters.That’s why self-development is necessary.If we are taken care of,society is taken care of.For all these things,to be taken care of we need well organised time and encouragement to have more of it.If we use our time better,we may get back the values,intellectual level,emotions,curiosity etc that we once had.If we have time to think more,we might actually do it,and when we think more,we probably will be more active intellectually in life,not take part in shallow entertainments and foolish activity,because we will be more free and independent thinking.Everyone can find their own way of achieving this.Hopefully,it will become a priority for people now.Like I said,we don’t don’t know how much time on Earth we have.Would you still be living as you are,if you found out you had one or two years left to live?