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HIIT Workout-my only hope for getting some muscles


I was never a fan of sports, the gym, working out etc.  Only extreme sports if any, would pass..well extreme for me:P,like windsurfing or rock climbing.  One of my goals for the near future is to learn how to surf. This sport involves all the muscles of the body. Which leads to having them. Not just any muscles,but strong,stretched and tough ones. Apart from surfing, there comes a time in a person´s life,an age that scares you. I know it´s just a number, and I might not mind it so much,but the body acknowledges it and cannot be fooled. After a certain age, the skin and muscles are not the same. I want to have and train those muscles,to (yes-I can be shallow and vain)keep looking young longer. I have been doing yoga regularly,and it´s great. It stretches,tones and relaxes the body.I practise with the help of Youtube.I can recommend-Fightmaster Yoga, Yoga with Adrienne and for those starting out their adventure-the 30 day yoga challenge is a good introduction(Adrienne also has this).Mostly it works wonders for calming my mind.  However, my body or the body,needs energetic movement from time to time, to get the energy crazy high.I started to dance a bite,but that wasn´t a complete workout.

I wasn´t especially looking forward to doing anything special though,until I stumbled upon information on the magical HIIT or high-intensity interval training (in the world of fitness lovers etc it´s probably old news). I read articles about it, and saw pictures of the exercises,but it wasn´t until I remembered I can use Youtube videos to make it easier,that I tried it out. This intense, but short workout,  causes you to continue burning fat up to 48 hours after the workout!Easy,breezy, huh?Well, not in practice,but today I survived workout nr 2.The first one was on Sunday.So I had a longer than 2 day break in between workout sessions.Not because of my lazy nature(surprisingly,I was actually looking forward to HIIT it up again),but because after all this time,my muscles were still in pain and for best results,they have to be completely recovered.

Another positive,is that there is no need for any equipment and you can do it anywhere. I´m just at the beginning of my HIIT journey,but I see a future here,especially cause it does not involve hours of tiresome and boring exercises…just about 15 minutes of them:PAnd the result should be great according to all the sources. Loss of weight,muscles,toned not bulky,all those good things. However, I will not give into the craze of Before and After photos,so when I tell you about my outstanding results, you will have to just take my word for it.

Here is an article explaining HIIT and some of the Youtube channels I like:

HIIT workout:what it is and why it works

Brad Gouthro Youtube channel

Fitness Blender

…that´s all for now,I said that´s it´s day 2.But I shall update the list as I gather more favourites!