Dear Media, please stop giving power to people like Korwin-Mikke and such


It’s sad that this is still true in our greatly civilised and non-third world countries, that women do earn less. That’s not the main point of this post though.

I  would like to ask the media outlets to ignore people who add no true value to the world. That would probably lead to empty daily newspapers and silence on TV news stations, which would be a financial tragedy. Yet it’s the media that chooses who we focus on. Why focus on someone who is a sexist nationalist like Janusz Korwin-Mikke? The fact that he is a member of the European Parliament allowed him to make his sexist speech and be heard by the world.

Why would any TV station invite him later to interviews? Instead of nipping his sexist opinions in the bud, the media wanted to create a story here. I understand we have freedom of speech, but not everyone’s speech is published or broadcasted, why choose the worthless ones? He does not represent the majority of people in Poland or in Europe, and he also did not share any substantive information with the public.

Personally, I think that America has Donald Trump as president now, thanks to the media paying attention to him, instead of ignoring such a racist, sexist, chauvinistic etc. person. That’s why I would like to ask the media to be more aware and careful of who they give power to. Let’s not make a nuisance out of the wrong people and let’s not allow money to be a priority when it comes to human rights or people’s well-being. I understand that morality these days is not the most important factor in many areas, but I still hope some will feel responsible enough to give the power to more valuable people and ideas.

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