Lazy and unambitious hookup generation

We live in a time of a sexual revolution,although you’d think it had happened already.It seems like people are obsessed with it.I was always liberal about the topic and actions.However,I’m quite jaded now by the overly meaningless attitude towards sex.You don’t have to connect it with emotions,but what you do with your body can have limits.It’s like sex is an entertainment.What will I do tonight?Go to the cinema,read a book or hook up with a random dude/chick?It’s unintellectual as drinking booze or taking drugs.The effort you put in it is worthless.Now all kinds of apps,websites make it so easy for one night stands etc.I feel that our values go down with such (excessive)behaviour.It can be fun,but when will it be enough?It’s proven that human beings are getting dumber-Research suggests humans are evolving to be dumber.A low emotional intelligence IQ is maybe less important in society than logical etc,yet it shouldn’t be.We are social beings,and should learn to care for interpersonal relations…the intellectual and emotional ones,not only physical.Love is a very hard feeling to achieve,as it requires much effort and work.Going to bed with someone is easy.So in the times of technological and scientific inventions,almost living in space,in-vitro etc,how is it possible we are so behind in being caring human beings with higher values??
Sex sells.That doesn’t mean we should use it for that.I support enhancing the level of thinking and making things more ambitious.Sex is not ambitious.It’s actually primitive.As advanced beings we should represent this better.I think this perspective also changes with age,as you get wiser with experience.So many get to this conclusion at their own pace.It’s new for me and I’m quite aged:PValues change and our standards rise.
Unfortunately,I blame this whole situation partly on equal rights.Why did we decide-ok,we have equal rights,so let’s fuck strangers equally?Instead of,let’s all have respect for each other and let’s get to know each other on a higher level than just physically?Men won,with women copying their ways of behaviour and calling it being it equal.Why don’t men start behaving like women(although thankfully some do) and focus on communication,family,sacrificing,compromise etc.Wouldn’t that be much more valuable to society than everyone randomly hooking up for one night stands?But women sacrifice and compromise,so that didn’t happen.Do you think people are happy or happier living this way?Are we really better off without warmth,bonds,a sense of belonging,care,attachment,commitment etc.Personally,I think we miss out on a lot living like this.
Why do so many people choose to miss out on all this good stuff?Why are they scared of sharing their lives with another person?It’s probably connected with the infantilized generation,generation Y,kidults etc.Read this article for more information-The Infantilization of the Postmodern Adult and the Figure of Kidult .We’re not mature for serious activities,commitments or responsibilities.Maybe we are for work,as it gives us money,but even there,we put ourselves first not work(I actually support egoism in this area). In all other aspects we are egoists,but not the healthy kind.
I thought I belong to this kidult era.On the whole I do,as I do not value work as the most important thing in life,I work to live not vice versa.I live on a day-to-day basis.Return to my parents to save up money to continue with my nomad lifestyle.I’m self absorbed and self-entitled.I could write more,but you get the idea.However,in all this,I’ve started to change my perspective on relationships and human relations and connections.My life experience and what I’m learning now about myself,have shown me that I matured and this changes the perspective on the oh so important human contact.From being the best example of an emotionally retarded person,I have changed into an emotionally healthy and stable human.Now I look at the sex thing completely different.I feel it’s not directly connected with age,but life and relationship experience.Now I see that with every relationship you learn about yourself.If you don’t form relationships you won’t learn anything.With every new hook up you don’t get much knowledge or insight.So,people who have many relationships can actually be more mature.Of course,being alone is also good,you have to be capable of being with yourself before you can be with someone.I’m not saying to form relationships with anyone,but to be more open to form relationships,but for the right reasons.To take more emotional risks and give people chances.Don’t treat people as objects,and you’ll be surprised what they have to offer.An easy life is not a full life.And the difficulties of human relations can be more fulfilling and valuable.

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