Sea life eco-bag



I like the idea of remaking things,adding accessories,up-cycling etc. Recently I got my creative vibe going. I realized,that it´s really difficult for me to start working on making things, because of the fear of making a mistake. But if I make a mistake it means that at least I tried to do or make something. Without making mistakes,there is no learning process. So this turned out to be something more than an art project, it was a character challenge,which concluded with some self-discovery:)

This was very simple,however I will share what I used to make it.


an eco-bag

acrylic paints

stamps(even out of potatoes) or templates

a sponge

a paintbrush to correct details after applying the paint with the sponge

old newspapers to put into the bag,and afterwards on top of it, when ironing the bag to

an iron

masking tape to make the rows even

anything to squeeze out the paint on

There is so much you can do with these stamps and bags.Additionally, such an activity is a great form of meditation.Good luck!


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